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Light & Motion LED Lighting

Light & Motion LED Lighting | Stella Pro LED

Light and Motion LED Lighting manufacturers of the Stella Pro LED light, a series of rugged, compact, waterproof and battery powered LED lights for film and photo production. On camera LED lights, as well as small, portable, lights suitable for replacing 200W HMI lights. Built in Li-Ion Batteries and submersible to 100 meters, you can take a Stella LED almost anywhere. Available models are the Stella Pro 1000, Stella Pro 2000 and Stella Pro 5000. Featuring color rendering of 93 on the TLCI test, 90 CRI and 5000K daylight color temperature. The completely waterproof design is perfect for the film, video and photo industry. Rain, sleet, snow and sand your Stella can take it all. Light & Motion product are known for their ruggedness and the Stella Pro can withstand multiple 1 meter falls on concrete.