Arri LED Lighting

Arri LED Light Fixtures and Lighting Kits

Arri LED Lights are like no other...German engineered for precise light color temperature and lighting control. Check out Arri's Locaster LED Light for on location film and video lighting. The Locaster offers high output, daylight balanced lighting in a compact, rugged design. Need an LED Fresnel? Take a look at Arri's L7-C and L7-T fresnels for studio or location work. The Arri L7-C is variable color from true daylight 5600K to true tungsten 3200K, as well as any theatrical color in between. Working in a TV studio and want a true 3200K tungsten LED for precise control, as well as energy efficiency and low heat...the Arri L7-T LED Tungsten Fresnel is your answer. Arri Lights are also available in compact, lightweight, travel led lighting kits for on location work.

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