Grip Equipment

BarnDoor Lighting is the Grip Equipment Expert

Grip Equipment is all the support gear used in film, video and photo production. Grip gear, also known as studio equipment, includes everything from Light Stands and Camera Dollies to Apple Boxes and C-Stands. It's the essential gear that fine tunes the lighting or the shot. It's the film equipment that supports the camera, supports the light or supports the crew. Need to hang a light or block the sun? Then you'll need grip clamps and hardware as well as combo stands, overhead frames and sandbags. Want to create a smooth, fluid camera move? Then you'll need a Dana Dolly or Doorway Dolly with Dolly Track. BarnDoor Lighting is the leading supplier of Grip Equipment, representing more manufacturers with a comprehensive inventory. Best of all, we have the expert knowledge to help you make the most effective purchase....Give us a Call.

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