Block 2F1-144 Dual Voltage NiMH Battery 144wh 14.4 / 28.8V

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Block Battery 2F1-144 Dual Voltage NiMH Battery 14.4 / 28.8V

The Block Battery 2F1-144 is a mount switchable 14V or 28V high current NiMH battery, 144WH with LED fuel gauge. Voltage output determined by 2F1 mount configuration. Optional V-Mount and Gold Mount adapters for 14.4V operation. The 2F1-144 provides two different voltage output circuits in one on-board battery design. Thereby it can power 14.4V or 28.8V applications, including the most power hungry cinematic camera rigs and LED lights. The voltage output is selected via the battery mount. The range and number of 2F1 adapters proves the 2F1 Battery is the most versatile battery on the market. Regardless of the output voltage, for any power requirements under 200watts, the 2F1 battery can quickly be adapted. A single 2F1 battery can change from a V-Lock camera battery to a AB Gold Mount three stud camera battery and then be adapted easily and instantly for a 28v led light.

2F1-144 Features

  • Fuel Gauge: 4 LEDs show remaining charge capacity. All 4 LEDs ON indicates Full Charge.
  • Charger/Mount Connection: 2F1-144 slides onto OPTIONAL direct mounts, adaptor mountsor belts with mounts, see drawing.
    Depending on the mount, voltage output is:
    Nominal 28.8 Volt (~20-34VDC)
    Nominal 14.4 Volt (~10-17VDC)
    Connects to 2F1-Charger OR EFC-2 Charger with optional upgrade (EFC-2-UP).
  • Output Capability: The 2F1 mounts provide higher current carrying capabilities than existing on-board battery mounts. The 2F1-144 utilizes high rate discharge cells and can handle continuous power draws up to 200 watts. Regular use at these levels will reduce overall life expectancy. Use at 125 watts or less will improve overall life expectancy.
    Caution: Use BLOCK BATTERY chargers ONLY. Charge cycle completion is indicated with GREEN LED on charger.
  • Release Button: Press to un-lock battery from mount
  • “D" Tap Plug: 14.4V up to 8 Amps (Not available on 2F1-Mount-28)

2F1-144 Operation and Storage

  • 2F1-144 slides onto OPTIONAL direct mounts, adaptor mounts or belts with mounts, see drawing.
  • Power Output Amount when Fully Charged: 144 watt hours, or 10 amp hours @ 14VDC, or 5 amp hours @ 28VDC.
  • Estimated Runtime: ~ 1.2 hours on Alexa, or 3/4 hour on F65, depending on camera rig accessories
  • Charging Time for Empty Battery: ~ 1.5 hours on to DFC-2F1 Charger, SFC-2F1, SFC-Mini-2F1 OR DFC-Mini-2F1
  • Short Term 2F1-144 Storage (Up to 1 Week): 5° to 25°C (41° to 77°F) Not mounted on camera. OK to leave on charger.
  • Long Term 2F1-144 Storage (More than 1 Week): 5° to 25°C (41° to 77°F) Fully charge battery. Not mounted on camera.
    Do not leave on charger. Recharge every two months.


  • 2F1-144 Dimensions: 5.75" (14.6 cm) Height x 4" (10 cm) Width x 2.5" (6.3 cm) Depth
  • 2F1-144 Weight: 3.75 lbs (1.7 Kg)
  • 2F1-144 Battery Type: Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH)
  • ***2F1-144 is Unrestricted for Air & Ground Transport***
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