Chimera F2|F2X|F3 Overhead LightBanks

Chimera F2 | F2X | F3 Overhead LightBanks

The Chimera F2 | F2X | F3 Overhead LightBanks makes lighting cars, motorcycles and boats a breeze. Available in a multitude of sizes to match your lighting needs. As small as a 5'x10' softbox or as large as 15'x40' Chimera has you covered in light. Provide an elegant, large, top light source with beautiful reflections. The Chimera F2X Lightbanks are designed for studio or location and travel in 2 bags. Simply add your choice of light source, tungsten 3200K, hmi daylight 5600K or studio flash. The F2 modular Lightbanks are built for permanent installations in photo studios, film studios and automobile showroom floors.

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