Chromakey Green / Blue Screen Supplies

Chromakey Green Screen Paint, Green Screen Fabric, Green Screen Paper and Green Screen Backdrops

Green Screen Supplies: Everything you need to create a Chromakey Green or Chroma Blue Screen Set. Chroma Key or Chromakey is used to create a background matte that can then be replaced with any photo or video. Chroma Key backgrounds / backdrops may be created with chromakey green paint, green screen paper, chromakey fabric or flexible / folding backdrops. The most popular Chroma Key colors are Green or Blue. Chroma Key Suits allow people or just hands to disappear into the background. Chroma Key Tape can be used to wrap objects so they too can blend into the background. Chroma Key Green Screen Paper is an inexpensive solution, great when a background gets soiled from use, just tear off and use a new section for a clean green screen matte.

Important Chromakey Green Screen or Blue Screen Tips
  • The secret to creating an easy to use chroma key background is to use soft lighting. Soft lighting produces near shadowless light. Shadows on a green screen or blue screen will make it more difficult to replace the background (with your photo or video) as the light levels will not be even. Soft lighting can be produced by using diffusion gel filters on light source, bouncing the light source or using fluorescent lighting.
  • Chroma Key Background / Backdrop must have even, seamless lighting across the entire area. No hot spots or dark areas. Check with a light meter or the auto exposure on your camera.
  • An important chroma key tip is to not have wrinkles in the green screen fabric or blue screen fabric. Stretch the chroma key backdrop tight.
  • Use separate set of lights just for lighting the chroma key background. Another set of lights should be used to light your subject. Three point lighting: Key, Fill, Back-light should be utilized when lighting your subject / product.
  • Distance is your friend. Move your subject as far away from the green screen as possible. 4ft would be a recommended minimum distance. As your subject is closer to green screen it creates two problems: A) a Shadow, B) Green light bounce back on to your subject which will then make it difficult to create a clean matte.
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