City Theatrical Safer Side Arm #200 for 1/2" Schedule 40 | No Pipe

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City Theatrical Safer Sidearm #200 | No Pipe

The Safer Sidearm uses 1/2" Schedule 40 steel pipe. Theatrical sidearms are asked to do a job they were never designed to do. A typical sidearm is made up of a c-clamp and a piece of ½" pipe. When downward pressure is placed on the pipe, it will bend the bolt of the c-clamp permanently and ruin the sidearm. Our Safer Sidearms utilize a diagonal brace to transfer the load off the clamp and onto the vertical pipe. The safe working load for Safer Sidearms P/Ns 200, 202, 204, 220 (Safer Sidearms and Safer Sidearm Jr) is 50lbs. (22.68kg).


  • Safer Sidearms transfer the load from the lighting fixture back to the structural pipe
  • Safer Sidearm Junior augments a standard sidearm, while the others replace them

      ***Pipe (shown in photo) Not Included***

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