Universal Rental Kit w/ Case

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Dana Dolly Rental Universal Kit w/ Case

Buy the best Dana Dolly Rental Kit with the Universal Track Ends, in a custom Wheeled SKB Case with folding handle. Designed for the times where you just want to do a little 4' to 8' dolly move without a lot of setup. The Dana Dolly is easy to set up, can be used with a variety of track options, and can be supported using standard junior stands, apple boxes, or the ground, whatever the shot requires. The dolly platform features a machined aluminum mitchell base with key way. Tripod head ball adapters are included for 75mm, 100mm and 150mm heads. Plate features a 2.75" center hole and kit includes fender washer for smaller tripod head lockdowns. Additional mounting threads on plate for accessories are (2) 3/8" thru hole, (2) 1/4-20" threaded female and (2) 3/8-16" threaded female. A monitor mount with small ball head adapter is included for a complete rental package. The universal track ends mount on either junior stands (combo stands) with 1 1/8" receivers or baby stands with 5/8" diameter baby pins. Steel stands are recommended as aluminum stands may be too flimsy. The universal track ends accept pipe with up to 1.9" O.D. (outside diameter). The Dana Dolly Kit is #1 most rented item in our rental inventory. Customers love it for the ease of use and simple set up. Many rent the camera dolly kit with (2) 4ft. sections of speed rail and (2) 20 inch c-stands. This compact kit is easy to transport in any size vehicle. For more involved camera moves the dolly can be mounted on curved track as the wheel trucks can pivot and float on the track. Included T-Tool with 3/8", 1/2" and 9/16" sockets for making adjustments to wheel trucks and accessories. What makes the Dana Dolly better than other Skateboard Dollies? The secret is in the wheels. Featuring 16 custom machined track wheels that are precision machined to 1/1000th of an inch. These super accurate wheels eliminate vibration and reduce bumps in move as wheels remain in contact with track. In addition, wheel noise and squeaks are reduced, so your camera move is near silent. The extra tough wheels will not flat spot when a heavy camera load is left to sit in one position on the track. Whether you're an established professional or just getting started, camera movement is a great solution for adding production value to your shoot for a low cost. Designed to be flexible, affordable, and easy to set up. Designed by a key grip with over 20 years' experience in all types of production, the design is both simple and practical. The Mitchell Mount can take all types of camera heads with available adapters. The sixteen- wheel design with floating trucks provides a smooth glide. The track ends and center support can use any 1 1/4" pipe as a track: aluminum, stainless steel, etc. So if you're on location and don't want to pack track, you can stop by a homecenter and pick up some pipe or conduit as an alternative to the Schedule 80 aluminum pipe we recommend for everyday use. Includes center support for heavy camera packages or longer track runs. Center support mounts on 5/8" diameter baby pin.


  • Fast and Portable Dolly System
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Black Industrial Finish to Minimize Reflection
  • Soft Polyurethane Wheels
  • ABEC-7 Precision Bearings
  • Wheels Machined Round
  • Made in the USA

Universal Kit Includes:

  • Dolly
  • 2-Universal-style Track Ends
  • 75mm Adapter
  • 100mm Adapter
  • 150mm Adapter
  • Center Support
  • Monitor Mount
  • Custom SKB Case
Size: 24"x20"x14" Weight: 47lbs Loaded. UPC: 851093003054
1 Reviews
By Howard
New York
May 8, 16
Verified Buyer
If you've ever used a Dana Dolly then you know the deal. If not, this might be the best, most affordable slider solution on the market today. Where to begin? First of all, knowing that you can throw the entire system down a flight of stairs and it's not going to give up on you, is a huge plus. It's beefy, rugged, and built to last years and years. The wheels are extremely well designed and very forgiving. If your rails should nick the wheels can easily compensate without any noticeable dip or bump. It's a very versatile system supporting all common bowl sizes. The case is easy to transport and the best part is, you can take the system on plane and pick up a couple of low boys and some speed rail on location and you're good to go. The dolly also works well without rails on any flat surface, but I recommend locking the wheel bases with a spring clamp as they freely rotate when they're not on rails. You can't come close to the quality and performance at this price point.
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