Gaffer's Glass Contrast Viewing Filter Blue Ring

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Gaffer's Glass Contrast Viewing Filter Blue Ring (Silver Color)

The Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass is an essential "Tool of the Trade" for professional set lighting. It is designed to allow you to locate the center of your key light or "hot spot" to accurately determine where to position lighting to achieve optimum coverage. By holding the Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass up to one eye while standing no less than 10 ft away from the source of the light, you can look through the Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass into your key light while your assistant focuses the light to your liking. This will give you a precise pattern for where your light will be thrown, it also gives you an idea of drop off and voids.

1 Reviews
By Phantompwr
Cape Cod, MA
December 11, 15
Verified Buyer
great for focusing lights and spotting the sun
This worked perfectly to focus lights up to 10k, and you can find the sun when it is behind clouds. The only thing is I wish I had gotten a pouch for it, I can't leave it out because I'm worried it will get scratched and it comes in a plastic case, I didn't realize it didn't come with anything like that.
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