Lighting Gels Sheets

Light Gels | Lighting Gels - Sheets for Film, Photo, Theater, Stage, DJ Lighting

Gel sheets are also known as lighting filters or lighting gels used in film, video, photo, theater, stage and dj lighting to color or diffuse the light source. Light Filters are as thin as a sheet of paper and are made of polyester or polycarbonate plastic. Color gels, aka, color filters, come in hundreds of colors, used to create mood or set a tone for any type of entertainment production. Lighting gels are also available as diffusion filters that will spread the beam of the light source, softening shadows and creating a more flattering light for skintones on models and actors. Sheets are resistant to heat, but will melt if place too close or in direct contact with a lighting fixture. High temperature gel sheets are available which will extend the life of the lighting filter. Gels Sheets / Filter Sheets are known as expendables, and will eventually bleach out or melt from extended use. BarnDoor Lighting carries only industry leading gel sheets from leading manufactures including Rosco, Lee, Gam and CoTech. Gels sheets can also be purchased in rolls for a money saving solution.
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