LitePanels Gemini 1x1 Soft Light LED

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LitePanels Gemini 1x1 Soft Light LED w/ Yoke and US Power Cable 945-1301

The LitePanels Gemini 1x1 Soft Light LED has everything you need in a compact LED for location or studio lighting. It's the "swiss army knife" for LEDs. Featuring a natural soft light source providing accurate color rendering in Daylight 5600k or Tungsten 3200K mode. The RGBWW LED emitters provide beautiful full spectrum colors with deep saturation or subtle pastels. The Gemini 1x1 provides the artist with a complete palette of color. Bring your scenes to life like never before with strategically placed touches of soft color. The 200W LED provides superior light output compared to the competition. With a 3 pin DMX input connector for power, the Gemini 1x1 is easily powered on a/c or battery with multiple options, from Anton Bauer Gold Mount and Sony V-Mount. For longer run times on battery a Block Battery can be used with the 3 Pin XLR input. The Gemini is easy to use with it's on-board manual control knobs and digital display. For even more control the Gemini 1x1 has DMX 512 input and output connectors, as well as optional wireless control.

In the Box

  • Gemini 1x1 Soft Panel including yoke
  • Medium Diffusion Panel
  • US Power Cable


  • Voltage Range: 100-240VAC, 13-28VDC
  • Power Consumption: 200W (nominal)
  • LED Technology: RGBWW
  • Color Temperature: 2700-10000K
  • Lighting Intensity: 3.2k @ 10ft / 3m = 557 LUX, 5.6k @ 10ft / 3m = 614 LUX
  • CRI / TLCI: Daylight: 97, Tungsten: 94
  • Beam and Field Angle: 95 deg / 157 deg
  • Control: Built-in WIFI, DMX (5 PIN & RJ45), Optional Wireless DMX, Bluetooth, SmartLite Director App
  • Color Controls: Kelvin Temperature, plus/minus green, Hue, Saturation, Intensity, Gel Presets
  • Low End Dimming: From 0.1%
  • Battery Powered: Optional plates available, runs at 90% output on single 14.4V battery, or 100% on 26V or dual 14.4V batteries
  • Cooling: Fan, at 50% output when disabled. Fan delayed start option
  • Mount: 1-1/8" (28mm) pin, Standard Yoke, stackable as 2 & 4 units
  • Fixture Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 4.6" / 320 x 320 x 119mm
  • Weight: 11.7lbs / 5.31kg
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