LynTec LCLC 129-10 Lighting Control Load Center 1Ø 3W 120/240VAC 200A Main

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LynTec LCLC 129-10 Lighting Control Load Center 1Ø 3W 120/240VAC 200A Main

LCLC 129-10 Lighting Control Load Center. 1Ø, 3 Wire, 120/240 Vac, 200A Main, 29 breaker spaces. NEMA-1, DMX control of up to (10) - 1, 2 or 3 pole 20A or 30A motorized clip-on breakers.

Looking for an efficient lighting control load center? The LCLC series of DMX controlled Load Centers uses motorized circuit breakers to offer a labor-saving one-panel alternative to DMX relay panels. Instead of a bulky setup with separate panels for different audio, visual, and lighting systems, a high quality LynTec lighting power control panel can solve your space issues. The economical Load Center panels require the least wall space for tight locations and are perfect if you are trying to save on valuable room. These compact and sleek panels are available in 26 and 41 circuit sizes od 3 phase, 4 wire 208Y/120Vac. Many small theaters, intimate restaurants, conference rooms, and other locations have found these incredibly useful. A Lighting Control Load Center is a traditional residential panel and consequently best suited for smaller circuit breaker counts or for applications with limited wall space. For a bigger arena, auditorium, or other venue, one of LynTec's many other state of the art products would be more appropriate. The LCLC is more economical than the bigger panelboards, and is a great value for all of the features offered!

Here are just a few of the high end features of this lighting power control

  • DMX 512 control standard in all panels, a simple jumper system sets your addressing
  • Control circuits individually or in zoned group
  • Simplest control set-up and operation in the industry
  • No on-site commissioning or factory start-up required
  • Emergency auto-on feature for egress lighting standard (ETL listed UL 924)
  • Saves Space
  • Saves redundant installation and hardware costs!
  • Energy efficient – NO holding current or heat sinks required to maintain state – Runs cool, lasts long!

Many of these features make sure that your Lighting Control Load Center is convenient and easy to use, from the limited space it take up to the ability to have zone control. Save time, money, and space with the LCLC.


Clip-on MB Series Motorized Breakers

How it Works

The DMX CONTROL POWER circuit breaker powers the circuit boards via a 24 volt transformer. Motorized circuit breakers (face-marked REMOTELY OPERATED) are individually actuated by a command from a remote DMX control device. Each numbered LED indicates the status of that addressed breaker. Lit = ON, Unlit = OFF, Flashing = command execution in progress. Each circuit board controls up to ten 1, 2 or 3 pole motorized circuit breakers. Master and Slave boards are used depending upon the number of DMXuniverses served. (Slaves have no DMX input or output components). DMX signals are fed to the Master board of each DMX universe system. Power and DMX data are daisy-chain fed board-to board by the yellow jumper connectors. The STARTING DMX address is set for each board by jumpers. The DMX Output is an opto-isolated, Buffered, Loop-Thru for driving other DMX devices. Output data availability is indicated by a flickering LED. MANUAL CONTROL The circuit breakers may be manually controlled by the TEST switches on each board. The test switches work in the absence of a DMX signal. A valid DMX signal, indicated by a flashing Receiving DMX LED overrides the test switches.


  • Square D Catalog #: QO327M100
  • Maximum System Voltage: 208Y/120Vac, 3Ø, 4W
  • Mains Ampere Rating: 100
  • Spaces: 27
  • Maximum Single Pole Circuits: 29
  • Main Wire Size AWG AL/CU: #4 - 2/0
  • Outside Dimensions: 20.9"w x 29.8"h, 3.9: d, surface mount only.

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