LynTec PDS-10 Sequencing Relay Panel 10 Circuit

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LynTec PDS-10 Sequencing Relay Panel 10 Circuit

PDS-10 120v, 10 Circuit Sequencer w/10 RR7P3 relays. One SS-2 Switch Set included. Daisy-chains with all LynTec sequencers.


  • Used for retrofits
  • Works with ANY existing circuit breaker panel
  • Can be daisy chained

One-Touch Sequential System Control

  • Tested, complete package — low labor — mount next to circuit breaker panel to control AC power “hot" lines
  • Time proven, reliable, G-E RR7P3 latching relays snap in and have low voltage plug-in connectors
  • Low power consumption — no continuous relay coil current — runs cool for long life
  • Diagnostic LEDs and internal ON -OFF test switches speed installation for testing and troubleshooting
  • Cabinet and all components connected to high voltage are ULlisted — Electrician friendly
  • 10 circuits — 120 volt models available
  • Daisy-chains for unlimited circuitcount
  • Sequential turn on of electrical circuits, reverse sequence off, standard
  • Selectable delay step-rate setting standard
  • Simple set-up, no on-site commissioning required
  • Automatic load shedding for emergency shut-down standard
  • Brownout (under-voltage) shut-down for processor protection standard
  • Contact closure inputs for one-touch system control standard
  • Contact closure outputs optional on all panels

New Features

  • Multiple delay options.
  • Variable step rate
  • Completion contact option on last step can be used for additional indicators or to trigger more equipment.

How they work

  • Applies AC to low level, frontend electronics... waits for them to stabilize... (clicks and pops are ignored by un-powered power amplifiers)
  • AC is then sequenced to power amplifiers spreading high inrushcurrents over time.
  • Protects valuable loudspeaker systems by delaying turn-on until all low level equipment has stabilized.

GE RBS2 REMOTE CONTROL CABINET — surface mount Type 1 Enclosure "INDOOR USE ONLY" — UL Listing: 508G Industrial Control Equipment MECHANICAL
Size: 12.4" square x 3.5" high max. Cover attached with 4 — 10-32 screws. Mounting: Cabinet has 4 raised mounting dimples with 1/4" holes on 10" vertical and horizontal centers for surface mounting. Orientation: Any position. Weight: 15 lb. Shipping Weight: 17 lb. Shipping size: 15.5" x 15.5" x 6.5", .9 cu. ft

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