LynTec RPCR-32 Relay Panel with (32) Single Pole 30A Panasonic Relays

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LynTec RPC Relay Panel with (32) Single Pole 30A Panasonic Relays

LynTec RPCR Remote Control Relay Panels are some of the most complete self-contrained electrical relay panels available. This model, the RPCR-32 is a 32 single pole relay with Panasoinc 20A relays. The RPCR combines relay functionality with a built-in Web server to bring remote electrical control to applications, including LED lighting, powered amplifiers, and energy management programs. The patent pending RPC control platform is available for controllable relay panels. Every RPCR panel is shipped as a complete hardware/software package and ready to install. Lighting control relay panels are robust and require less maintenance, and when they do need service they are centralized in the electrical control room within easy reach. Due to the surge in popularity, manufacturers have responded with a new generation of built in control capabilities and software features that provide a much better user experience. RPC CONTROLLER
The LynTec controller increases interface options, simplifies programming, and adds remote status monitoring. Easy setup for sequential system control for audio systems, or individual circuit control for non-dimmed lighting circuits. This controller uses remotely operated circuit breakers to control up to 167 remotely operated branch circuits. In the case of the RPCR, the controller can control up to 64 relays. Control signals originate externally from commands received via the communications network or from dry contact inputs. Acceptable communications protocols include TCP/IP, RS-232, sACN and DMX-512, with RS-485 optional. The LynTec RPCR Relay Panels utilize Panasonic 20A HID relays have been the industry standard for more than a decade. Their durable design provides reliable control for lighting and plugs loads and makes safety a priority. Panasonic relays are available for both single and double pole loads.


  • Panel packages are ready to install, includes hardware and software.
  • Integrated web server and browser interface for remote set-up, operation and monitoring. With patent-pending features no one else has!
  • So easy to set up that no on-site factory commissioning is required.
  • Control relays individually or establish up to 12 zones for grouped operation. Simply point and click for easy zone setup and breaker operation.
  • Built in scheduling program with astronomical clock for timed zone control.
  • Built in contact closure inputs for sensor or wall switch control.
  • Built in IP interface for smart phone, tablet or laptop control and monitoring. Seamless integration into any DMX, sACN, HTTP, Telnet, RS-232 or BacNET (optional) control system.
  • Circuit level load-shedding feature standard.
  • Circuit level sequencing with selectable step-rates standard.
  • Circuit level selectable auto-on egress lighting feature standard (ETL listed UL 924).
  • Optional outbound signaling relay control.
  • Built-in emergency override function standard.
  • Power outage and brownout protection (optional) assures that your circuits never power up or down incorrectly.
  • 120/208 or 277/480 control
  • Locking hinged cover (lock optional)

Panasonic 30A Relay Specifications

  • Relay Model: PAN-1P
  • Type: Single Pole HID Relay
  • Item Number: WR6161K-84
  • UL-Rating: Electrical Life
  • Output Contact Side:
    General Use: 30A 300VAC
    Tungsten: 2400W 120VAC
    Ballast (Standard): 20A 300VAC
    Ballast (Electronic): 16A 277VAC
  • Motor Starting, Single Phase:
    .5HP 110-125VAC
    1.5HP 220-277VAC
  • Auxilliary Contact Side:
    General Use: 1A 125VAC
    Short Circuit Rating: 18kA 277VAC
    Performance: 60k operations

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