LynTec XPC Xtend Power Controller

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Standalone Rack Controller for XRM Relays and XRS Sequencers

The XPC Standalone Controller offers LynTec's trusted RPC control solution that previously was only available in LynTec's RPC series motorized circuit breaker panel, RPCM mobile distro, RPCR wall-mounted relay panel, or NPAC rack-mounted relay panel. Now customers can take advantage of all the capabilities and features of the popular and time-tested RPC controller they're already familiar with but in a standalone 1RU rack-mounted enclosure. This eliminates the costs of purchasing preconfigured controllable circuit breakers or relays while providing customers with a way to operate one or more remotely placed relay modules spread out over an extended area or venue. Easy to set up, operate, and maintain, the controller can control lighting and AV systems across multiple control zones and protocols. The XPC Controller offers customizable step rates and delay settings for sequencing, load shedding at the circuit level for emergency off, auto-on for egress lighting, a built-in timer for automated control, and more. In addition to onboard control options, the XPC controller can interface with any third-party control system that communicates with Telnet, HTTP, DMX512, sACN, or contact closure signals.


  • Required for Systems Without an RPC, RPCR or NPAC Onsite
  • Interfaces with IP, Telnet, DMX, sACN or contact closure control systems
  • Enable up to 12 zones across the entire system and control each with a different protocol
  • Circuit-level sequencing with customizable step-rates from fractions of a second to 999 seconds (reverse off)
  • Circuit selectable load shedding and auto-on
  • Built-in scheduling program with astronomical clock and up to 84 schedule options
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