LynTec XRM 20 Remote Relay Module Standalone 20A with (2) Edison Duplex

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LynTec XRM 20 Remote Relay Module Standalone 20A with (2) Edison Duplex

XRM 20 Relay Module--Standalone 20-amp cube enclosure with two independent relays to control the two onboard duplex plugs. 5.5" x 6.40" x 3.7". The Xtend XPC Power Control Series is composed of independently located remote relay modules that offer flexibility in installation and control. LynTec continues to serve the needs of Pro AVL with protective, reliable, and user-friendly equipment. Professionals in the audio, visual, and lighting industries rely on us to control power in venues from houses of worship, schools, sports venues, conference centers, theaters, auditoriums to your local performing arts center. Although we have a history of outfitting storied venues with our innovative control solutions, our future is everywhere there is amplified sound, performance lighting, and distributed video to control. LynTecfs traditional wall mounted relay and motorized circuit breaker panels are incredible options for many organizations. Our latest offering, the XPC Power Control Series, brings professional and dependable control to every venue, regardless of your wall space or power needs. With a range of products from a standalone 20 or 30 amp cube enclosure to a hardwired vertical rack-mounted strip that can manage up to four 20-amp circuits. This series brings automation to every installation regardless of size or location.

Here are some of the important facts about the XPC Xtend Power Control Series:

  • Integrate Xtend power control modules into any existing RPC, RPCR, NPAC installation or use the XPC standalone controller.
  • Each module contains an electrical connection, a power plug, and an Ethernet port. To integrate your module, simply connect it to the network and plug it into a power source. Next, plug the equipment that needs power control in.
  • Use LynTecfs IP-based GUI to establish the control and sequencing for each component. Easily customize control as needed.
  • The modules offer complete flexibility as they can be placed anywhere you need: on rigging, in the rack, behind line arrays, or anywhere equipment is located.
  • Safely power and control components at the equipment location
  • Set up remote components, integrate them, and control them through web-enabled devices such as your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • The built-in web server has a browser interface that is easy to access, set-up and operate
  • Extend the reach of power and control!


  • Required for Systems Without an RPC, RPCR or NPAC Onsite
  • Interfaces with IP, Telnet, DMX, sACN or contact closure control systems
  • Enable up to 12 zones across the entire system and control each with a different protocol
  • Circuit-level sequencing with customizable step-rates from fractions of a second to 999 seconds (reverse off)
  • Circuit selectable load shedding and auto-on
  • Built-in scheduling program with astronomical clock and up to 84 schedule options
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