Magic Gadgets 12KW Studio Pro Dimmer w/ DMX

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Magic Gadgets 12KW Studio Pro Dimmer w/ DMX and Panel Mount 100A 125V Stage Pin

The Magic Gadgets 12KW Studio Pro Dimmer w/ DMX Experience the best in high power portable dimming. Why run bulky power cable from large rack systems? Instead, place the dimmer directly where it's needed! Our universal mounting bracket does just that, attaching the StudioPRO directly to lighting stands, trusses, grids, etc. for a compact and convenient dimmer setup. We utilize straightforward controls & intuitive user friendly features, but when you add the flexibility of DMX…..The Studio PRO may just become your favorite lighting tool you never knew existed, until now! All new intelligent digital dimming circuitry helps minimize noise and 3 modes of operation are available. (Local mode) a premium standalone dimmer without the need of a DMX board. (Local & DMX mode) Local and DMX controls function together. (DMX mode) Utilizes DMX control capability leaving the local controls disabled. In the event of power failure or mains breaker trip the dimmer powers back up in the normally OFF mode and will remain OFF until the ON button is depressed. Our Auto ON mode allows the StudioPRO to turn itself back ON after a power loss, restoring all settings. The Soft-On feature slowly ramps up, avoiding expensive globe damage and excessive amperage draw from “cold starts". The Studio PRO has 3 selectable dimming curves; the Linear & Modified Square deliver smooth output from 0-100% & the Relay Curve turns the unit into a remote switch. Our Pre-Heat + trim control lets you customize the zero level, use it for preheating the globe or scaling adjustment. We added a real-time multi-function LED display for visual reference of input voltage, assigned DMX channel, temperature, output level, modes & unit status. DMX channel is selectable via 3 rotary encoders for secure unit addressing, a blue LED shows DMX signal activity. Our dimmer is compatible with all standard DMX 512 protocol control boards and interfaces. Cooling is passive but we added a smart fan that automatically adjusts itself based on cooling needs. An overheat circuit will power down the unit when unsafe temperatures are detected. Don't forget our BIG POWER units! At a mere 8.18" x 7.18" x 7.13" and weighing in at only 10.8 lbs. Our 6k, 12k & 24k's are built impossibly small & light using extreme quality components!


  • Universal power supply with over current, over voltage, and short circuit protections
  • 3 position mini toggle switch for local only / local & DMX / DMX only modes
  • Green (on) & Red (off) tactile feedback push buttons
  • Always on switch with soft-on feature allows for continuous operation
  • Main dimmer control dial for smooth dimming from 0-100% with 2 selectable dimming curves
  • Pre-Heat + with ON/OFF switch & adjustment control trimmer
  • 3 Digit LED display shows system status in real time
  • Green/Red LED indicates ground fault status
  • Red neon output doubles as “no load" status indicator
  • 3 Rotary switches for DMX channel 001-512
  • Blue DMX signal LED
  • 5 pin XLR connectors with DMX Pass-Through (3 pin available upon request SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING)
  • Easy to use inline configuration & chassis rigging loops
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Tough retro powder coat black wrinkle finish
  • Durable lightweight high quality aluminum chassis engineered for strength
  • Black wrinkle powder coated steel control panel w/white screen printing
  • External heat sink with extreme overheat shutdown protection circuit
  • High Quality PWM fan
  • 100A Panel mount Stage pin I/O Bates type connectors
  • 125A 50kA high performance Inductive load characteristic breaker
  • Pigtail Version 60A, 125A Standard performance breaker
  • 160A High temperature power device
  • Removable connector guard/handle combo. (Panel mount version only)
  • Heavy duty high strand count #2 gauge wire


  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Dimensions: 8.18 x 7.18 x 7.13 inches
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs. / 4.90 kg
  • Operating temperature range 0C-60C
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