Modern Studio 2 Wheel Skateboard Bracket

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Skateboard Wheels Modern Studio Equipment

Using (4) of these Skateboard 2 Wheel Brackets mounted to your hi-hat or plywood creates a smooth dolly that will run on schedule 40 aluminum speed rail pipe. What's Great about a Pipe Dolly?

  • Quick and Easy to set up.
  • Easy to Transport. Breaks down and lightweight for travel.
  • Fast Height Adjustment. Mounts on wall plate, apple box or light stand, providing an infinite range of camera heights.

Build your dolly system yourself and save! Check out these pipe / speedrail brackets for quickly mounting 2 sections of pipe into a junior / combo light stand or baby light stand with a grip head. Pipe Truss to Junior Adapter 1 1/4" Pipe or Pipe Truss w/ Ear Adapter 1 1/4" Pipe. Pipe adapters also available for 1 1/2" pipe. Pipe Truss to Junior Adapter 1 1/2" Pipe and Pipe Truss w/ Ear Adapter 1 1/2 Pipe.

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