ProLights Eclipse-FS Full Color LED Ellipsoidal (without lens tube)

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ProLights Eclipse-FS Full Color LED Ellipsoidal (without lens tube)

ECLIPSEFS is a full-colour LED elipsoidal designed to deliver a full range of pastels, whites or saturates smoothly, consistently, and both with or without gobos. The ECLIPSEFS's RGB + Lime LED engine has been specially engineered to provide a full spectrum and full output in the most discerning environments, regardless of which role the ECLIPSEFS is playing.


  • RGB + Lime LED ellipsoidal with HD dimming and extensive colour palette.
  • High definition optics for sharp gobo projection.
  • Accepts industry standard accessories.

Light Source

  • Source: 91x3W RGB + lime LEDs
  • CT: @Full - 5400K
  • CRI: @Full in STUDIO mode - 82; @Full in HB mode - 70
  • Luminous flux: (26°) 6262 lm at studio mode, 6524 lm at HB mode
  • Lux: (14°) 8090lux, (19°) 7020lux(26°) 4960lux, (36°) 2610lux, (50°) 1190lux @3m full
  • Source life expectancy: >50.000 h


  • Beam angle: optional 14°/19° / 26° / 36° / 50°
  • Lens type: high-quality glass lens optics

Colour System

  • Colour mixing: RGB + lime / full colour
  • CTC: CTC control through independent DMX channel
  • White presets: 2700~10000K
  • Colour wheel: virtual colour wheel with presets
  • Macros: several pre-build pixel macros with adjustable speed

Dynamic Effects

  • Gobo size: B
  • Static colour mode: selection of static colour
  • Manual colour mode: manual adjustment of colour
  • Special features: HB Mode, Studio Mode, Silent Mode


  • Body: sturdy die-cast aluminium body conceived for long-time durability
  • Body colour: black


  • Protocols: DMX512, RDM
  • DMX channels: Theater 1/3/5ch - Tour 3/4/5/8/13channel
  • RDM: RDM ready for fixture remote monitor and settings
  • Display: black OLED high resolution display
  • Firmware upgrade: yes, via USB-DMX interface (UPBOX2) not included
  • Master/Slave: for synchronized operation of more units linked in a chain


  • Dimmer: linear 0~100% electronic dimmer
  • Strobe / shutter: 1-25 Hz, electronic
  • Battery backup: battery backup for user operation without connecting to the main power
  • Operating temperature: -10° ~ +45°
  • Flicker: flicker free operation
  • Selectable PWM: 600~25K Hz


  • Power supply: 100-240V – 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption (at 230V): 260W
  • Power consumption (at 120V): 260W
  • Output (at 230V): 9 units on a single power line
  • Output (at 120V): 4 units on a single power line


  • Cooling: low noise fan
  • Suspension and fixing: hanging bracket suitable for safe hanging and positioning
  • Signal connection: DMX 5p IN/OUT Amphenol
  • Power connection: IN/OUT Neutrik TRUECON
  • IP rating: 20
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 663x268x259mm / 26.1''x10.55''x10.2''
  • Weight: 10kg / 22.05lbs
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