Rosco Miro Cube LED Light

Rosco Miro Cube LED Light

Available in Tunable White 2800K-6500K, Color Mixing and Black Light.

Tunable White

Get accurate color rendering and variable color temperature from a subtle mix of warm, neutral and cool LED emitters.

Color Mixing

LightRGB+W quad chip color mixing renders a wide-ranging palette including subtle tints and rich naturalistic colors without distracting multi-color shadows.

Black Light

Fully dimmable black light effects from a 4 inch unit using 20% of the power and weighing a tenth of competitors' products.

A Popular Architectural Light When LED Lighting is Specified

Named for the early Spanish Cubist artist, Joan Miro, Rosco's innovative MIRO CUBE™ series of LED wash lights packs 48 watts outputting more than 3000 lumens into a compact 4 inch cube! With a clean, uncluttered geometric design, the MIRO CUBE™ is rugged and durable and perfectly at home in museums, on track light systems, in high style stores and boutiques or built into sets, truss and lighting rigs for productions. These luminaires offer the flexibility and versatility needed for any type of lighting challenge. NOTE: No expensive external power supply or ballast is required, the MIRO CUBE™ plugs directly into the wall anywhere in the world, automatically adjusting to mains power from 90-240vAC, 50-60hz. Drawing less than one half an amp of current, more than 40 MIRO CUBES™ can be plugged into a single 20A circuit! An intuitive LCD control panel sets virtually every aspect of the lights including a master-slave configuration for fast lighting set-ups. Completely flicker-free dimming is available via DMX (in 8 or 16 bit resolution). The ways the cubes may be mounted is limited only by the imagination of the installer. The novel through-bolted yoke design allows units to be easily ganged into multi-unit strips and arrays for greater output and coverage. Weighing just 2-1/2 pounds, the MIRO CUBE™ can be attached to standard architectural lighting track using accessory track adapters. For the easiest track installation, use the DMX Data Track and pass DMX to all the luminaires on the track easily without cable jumpers.

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