Rosco View Adjustable Window Neutral Density System

Rosco View Adjustable Window Neutral Density System Variable Intensity and Exposure on Windows. Rosco VIEW is a two-part system consisting of wide width polarizer filter in gel form and a matching optical glass polarizer camera filter. When utilized together, you are able to instantly control 100% of exterior brightness as seen through windows without affecting the lighting and exposure within the studio or set. By rotating the Rosco VIEW camera filter, you are able to change the degree of cross polarization occurring on the window where Rosco VIEW gel filter is applied. It is no longer necessary to constantly change out various ND filters or keep many different types of hard gels on stand by. What RoscoVIEW Does For you:
  • You can instantly compensate for changes in the daylight exposure as seen through the windows
  • Reduce studio down-time, no more change out of filter, increase shooting time
  • Great for areas where it is difficult to re-apply filter regularly
  • More economical for larger window surfaces
  • Any size window can be accommodated by seaming two or more pieces together
  • Rosco VIEW gel can be mounted in frames or can be incorporated on the RoscoShade system Some Important Product Features:
  • Optically clear, wide width, high transmission polarizer gel
  • Neutral Grey
  • UV Resistant
  • Only one stop of compensation at the camera
  • Near total blackout at 90 degree cross polarization
  • 56" x 9' Rolls
  • Also available: 56" wide x linear foot for custom sizes Applications:
  • Studio or location windows where light and exposure control is required
  • Movable panels for pick up shots and fast repositions
  • Day for Night alternative
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