Combo Tool Pouch w/ Glove Clip SW-05-514

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SetWear Combo Tool Pouch w/ Glove Clip SW-05-514

The Setwear Combo Tool Pouch features the new "silent on set" system. You won't have to worry about opening your pouch and it being heard on set. This feature allows you to get in and out of your pouches without making a sound. All products featuring the Silent On Set closure will also feature an adjustable retention system. The user has full control over the slack or tension of the closure cord. This also allows the user to replace the cord in the event it loses elasticity. Our most popular pouch yet. Holds up to a 33ft tape measure. Glove clip on the side. Securely holds all your tools. 7.5" high x 6.5" wide Holds your tape measure and gloves all in one. Multiple pockets inside for many types of tools. Hook and Loop closure design so you don't lose your tools. Fits most belts up to 3 inch wide. ***Tools (shown in photo) Not Included***

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